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  We’re more than kids. We’re Kids With A Cause.

Jessie Seely (singer/songwriter/actor) enjoys spending time with her special needs friend at the Strawberry Festival.

Lauren Summers (actor/model/dancer) provides nurturing assistance to a developmentally delayed preschooler as they work closely together to create a special project.

Chioke Dmachi (singer/songwriter/actor) believes every child should enjoy good times and happily encourages a physically challenged student to dance with him.


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you return often for updates about our charitable programs and projects.

We also hope that by learning more about what we do– you too—will be inspired to lend a helping hand to children who are less fortunate.

Our Mission

The mission of Kids With A Cause is to empower youth through charitable activities and to increase their awareness of the importance of social responsibility.

What Makes Us Different?

Our charity is unique. It is unlike many others. What makes us different is that kids are the voice and strength of the organization.

We listen to kids and learn about causes that are important to them. Although adults decide, most of the time, how funds will be raised—it is kids who determine the causes they want to support.

Holly Stell (singer/songwriter) certainly knows how to make her new little friend smile, as they spend their day together at the Door of Faith orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico.

Kids With A Cause is more than just giving back and helping others.

  • It provides enriching experiences, through interactive programs, that empower youth.
  • It opens the doors of philanthropy to kids who want to help, but are unsure what to do.
  • It enables kids to make a difference.

Whether we are helping kids who have experienced loss due to the tragedy of a tornado or tsunami, or visiting those who are in a hospital, or enjoying a special outing with kids from low-income families…we’re always there to lend a helping hand and bring smiles and happiness to all we meet.