Our Global Effort: Rodrigues Island

Miles away but close to our heart

Kids With A Cause understands that all children need basic necessities—food, shelter, water and clothing. We also believe that every child deserves the education necessary to reach academic goals and pursue future opportunities. It is with this in mind that Kids With A Cause is developing both nutritional and educational programs for the children on the small island of Rodrigues.

Your Support

Kids With A Cause provides assistance to children in need in the U.S. as well as internationally.  If you are interested in joining us in our global effort to help the children on Rodrigues, please donate. Your donation is greatly appreciated.




The Situation

This often overlooked island, located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, is quite small and many of its residents live in extreme poverty. It is not uncommon to see a two room dwelling (one room for eating and one room for sleeping) with 7-15 people. There is usually one bed with the youngest children sleeping across it and parents and older siblings sleep on the ground. These cinder-block structures have no electricity or running water—items that easily can be taken for granted since they are readily accessible to us and frequently used each day.

The Solution

To simply deliver much needed items will certainly benefit the children and families but how will it change their future? After much research and communication with several educators on the island, it has been determined that our Kids With A Cause program needs to not only address the most urgent needs, but also provide sustainability.

We are currently obtaining information about well drilling (or an alternate water solution) to purify the contaminated water that is consumed by the families. Due to inadequate rainfall and lack of a water filtering system, clean water is scarce. Many of the children become ill from food prepared with the local water or from drinking contaminated water.

At this time, we are obtaining the feasibility and costs of well water to help improve the current situation and offer an ongoing solution.

We also plan to purchase blenders for the pre-primary and primary schools to provide fruit and juice “smoothies.”  Additionally, Kids With A Cause can enhance daily nutrition for the students by allocating funds for dried fruits, bread, peanut butter and honey (locally grown on Rodrigues) throughout the school year.

Update #1 – July 2013

Special Thanks

Kids With A Cause wishes to thank the following caring individuals for their kind support.

Ranya and Ziad
The remarkable daughter and dad team, for their generous donation of “Today I Can Do Anything” t-shirts, wristbands and notebooks for the special needs students on Rodrigues. Kids With A Cause has adopted this positive theme, “Today I Can Do Anything”, and is incorporating the powerful message in the  students’ activities.
An amazing and generous woman who provided a donation to help the children. Pam’s beauty radiates from her heart. She has a sincere desire to help others and appreciates and supports the charitable efforts of Kids With A Cause.
Alain Gauthier
A man with a heart of gold who is making this all possible. The hard work, compassion and generosity of Alain continues to bring smiles to less fortunate children throughout the world. Kids With A Cause is able to develop projects that will enhance the lives of the young students on Rodrigues, because of the charitable efforts of Alain.
Andrew Milton
Kids With A Cause is fortunate to have Andrew and the team at Constance Hotels offer their kind assistance and support to Kids With A Cause. We are pleased to have the Constance Hotel as an exclusive lodging sponsor (www.constancehotels.com) for our charity. With this sponsorship, Kids With A Cause will be able to further extend projects and provide much needed assistance to more children and their families.
There are people who care and have a true desire to help others…and Debie is one of them!  Kids With A Cause received a donation from Debie to help the young students on Rodrigues Island.  Her thoughtful gesture will help improve the quality of living for many children and help them pursue their educational goals.
Noah, Stacy & Guy
A family that lives with “heart” as their purpose.  Noah, 16 years old, decided to lend a helping hand for our Rodrigues projects and his parents, Stacy & Guy, decided to match his donation! With the support of this family, more children will benefit and their lives will be enriched. Many thanks to this dynamic family whose support of our efforts is invaluable.
Air Mauritius Rodrigues
Kids With A Cause is very fortunate, and proud, to have the support of Air Mauritius Airlines. Nathalie—with your kind heart, positive attitude and professional business approach, Air Mauritius Rodrigues became an exclusive airline sponsor for our charity. The generosity of Air Mauritius will enable Kids With A Cause to provide food, clothing and educational materials to many more children on Rodrigues.  This is one airline company with great compassion that truly believes in providing assistance to children and families in need.  Welcome aboard, Air Mauritius!
Stephane Coutant
A true believer in Kids With A Cause and someone who will help whenever and wherever he can. Stephane, your continued support of our charitable efforts brings smiles to children around the world. Your desire and action to lend a helping hand to less fortunate children offers hope for a brighter tomorrow and inspires us all.
Clement Fevre
Many thanks for the kind donation that will help us extend our assistance to those in need.  Your kindness means a lot to Kids With A Cause but will mean even more to the children who are smiling because of you.
Jose-Manu Luna
To simply say “thank you” does not begin to express our deepest appreciation of your belief in our cause and support of our charity. Because of your donation, Jose, many children’s lives will change and what might have been only a dream may now become a reality for them.
Osmar Barreto
Because of your contribution, the children and families on Rodrigues will share in fun and exciting activities that will bring them happiness and lasting memories. We thank you for supporting our cause and offering a helping hand to those in need.
Pier Luigi, Ugo & Benjamin
These individuals worked together to make sure that the children on Rodrigues could enjoy special activities and experience fun-filled days. The donation, from this dynamic team, will help Kids With A Cause develop projects that focus on recreational sports and healthy and nutritious snacks.